COVID times
FAQ'S - special covid edition

Q.  Is a face mask required to enter the store?

A.  In keeping with the LA country ordinance a face mask is required to enter the store.

Q.  Do I need an appointment to drop off?

A.  Yes, to allow for proper spatial distancing and to carve out enough time to properly serve you, we are allowing only one customer in the store at a time (or one family at a time) every 45 minutes during our opening hours.

Q.  Do I need an appointment to come in to browse your selection of readymade frames?

A.  Yes, we are allowing only one customer in the store at a time (or one couple or family) so you will need to reserve an appointment time to come into the store to browse.

Q.  How do I get an appointment to come in to your Echo Park or Pasadena shop?

A.  for Echo Park call 213-618-1100    for Pasadena call 626-440-7448

Q.  Once my order is finished, do I need to schedule an appointment to pick up?

A.  You do not need to schedule an appointment for curbside pickup, just give us a call when you are heading our way, and we will get everything prepared for curbside pick-up.

Q.  How does the process work for getting a quote or placing an order?

A.  Bring in your pieces, and we will help you design something that looks great and fits within your budget.  We can walk you through all the different framing options and pricing for the different options.

Q.  Can I touch the frame samples and mat samples during the design process?

A.  Yes you can, we have hand sanitizer readily available on our design counter so that you can use some hand sani, and touch the frame samples and merch in the store.

Q.  I am calling your store phone number, but you are not answering, how can I get a hold of you?

A.  If you are calling during our opening hours, but you are getting our voicemail- we are most likely on the other line, helping someone with a curbside pickup, scheduling an appointment, taking payment over the phone or giving a status update to a customer.  Just keep trying to call, and thanks for bearing with us.

Q.  When will my order be ready?

A.  When placing your custom framing order, our system will print out an approximate due date on your receipt based on how busy the shop is.  Our computer system can be very accurate when guessing when your order may be ready, but it does not take into account possible delays that may arise such as the materials taking longer to arrive due to covid shipping delays, or covid manufacturing delays from our vendors.  

-please alert us immediately (ideally when placing your order) if this is a time sensitive order such as a birthday present, or if you are moving away in the near future, we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Please have patience with us-

For the following reasons our turn around time is a little less predictable
* vendors in short supply or waiting times
* increased communication with vendors and customers
* safety measures